Taking the blue pill: how our world is lead by narcissist children

What happens when you find out you have a narcissist in your life? You most likely break the relationship or set some serious boundaries. But what do you do if that narcissist is the president of the United States?

An overstated sense of own talents? Check. Requires an extreme amount of admiration? Check. Is incapable for empathy? Definitely. President Trump has it all. You don’t need to be a psychologist to see that something’s wrong with that guy.

A number of Donald Trump’s critics have reached a consensus: The US is being governed by a man with a narcissistic personality disorder. Already from the beginning of Trumps presidency, mental health professionals question his stability. But two weeks ago, an American lawyer published an analysis of Trump’s pathologies in The Atlantic. The lawyer, George Conway, used to be on Trumps shortlist of candidates for the United States Solicitor General. In his article, he states that no president has ever prompted more discussion about his mental stability than Trump. Even Trumps former chief of staff described the White House as a ‘crazytown’, because of Trump’s unbalanced state of mind.

I can go on like this for a while, but not only Trump is the problem here. Entire nations are lead by seemingly narcissist children. Think of Kim Jong-un and his nuclear threats, Erdogan with his 400 million dollars palace or Boris Johnson who is leading his country right into a Brexit disaster. In Brasil there’s Bolsonaro, in Italy, Matteo Salvini and in Russia, ofcourse, there’s Putin.
Obama already said four years ago that a pretty sizeable percentage of our world leaders are completely out of their minds.

Polls say that about 43 % of Americans still support Trump today. When I hear that, all I can think is: what the fuck?
It seems like the people want solutions and clear language to take away their sorrow and anger. Charismatic figures such as the above-mentioned men, who have slogans like ‘Take back control’ or ‘Make America great again’ offer the answers. The people are soothed by the idea someone is taking care of the problems. It allows them to sleep at night.
Meanwhile our world leaders can pretend that their self-interests match that of the state completely. The blind are leading the blind.

So we live in a world where two grown men fight like toddlers over a big red button. Shouting threats at each other, that affect the entire world. It reminds me of kindergarten, when I told my ‘enemies’ they weren’t invited for my birthday party. Only I didn’t get a Nobelprize nomination for it. You must be a narcissist yourself to come up with that.

Maybe what is even more wrong with the world than its leaders, is its system. Yes, the world is mostly lead by narcissist children but, in many cases, we are the children putting them in charge. The majority doesn’t want leaders that are awake to reality – if that was the case, Bernie Sanders would have at least made it to the official elections in 2016. What we want is to stay asleep. We want to be fed illusions, no matter the cost. We choose the blue pill from The Matrix. Because taking the red would mean looking in the mirror first, perhaps even discover that we are narcissist children. And even Trump is less scary than that.

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